How to Fix the 3 Most Disturbing Features on the iPhone X

The iPhone X is probably the most elegant and beautifully designed iPhone in years, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. While most users have no complaints about the iPhone X itself, there are some frustrations and interruptions that can continue to emerge for some iPhone X owners.

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Among the most common iPhone X is accidentally calling 911, accidentally taking a screenshot of the lock screen, and accidentally activating Apple Pay on the lock screen. Specifically, each of these problems is related to a myriad of functions assigned to the Power / Lock button, depending on how it is pressed.

But don’t be upset, because each complaint can usually be fixed (or handled), because we will show you some simple adjustments and setup tips.

1: Repairing Accidental Emergency Calls on iPhone

Some users have found that the new SOS Emergency feature is easily triggered accidentally, which means your iPhone X can be accidentally in your pocket 911. The solution to this is to disable the SOS 911 automatic emergency call on the iPhone X:Open the “Settings” application on the iPhone and enter “Emergency SOS”Disable “Call with side button” and deactivate “Automatic Call”By turning off the setting, you no longer have an Emergency SOS feature that can be accessed by pressing the side button, which means you have to press 911 the old way, or use the Emergency Call feature on the iPhone lock screen.

2: Fix Apple Accidental Access on the iPhone Lock Screen

The Power button on the iPhone X serves many purposes, including offering the ability to call Apple Pay. This means that, if you are like me and many other iPhone X users, you might constantly call Apple Pay when all you mean is turn on the screen, or unlock the device, or bring up Siri, or force a reboot, or do other tasks that requires using the power button. Perhaps the best solution to accidentally call Apple Pay is to disable Apple Pay access by double-pressing the power button on the lock screen:Open the “Settings” application and then select “Wallet & Apple Pay”Find the setting for “Side Click Double” and switch to the OFF positionOf course if you routinely use Apple Pay and don’t want to open the Wallet application manually on your iPhone, or use Apple Watch for Apple Pay, this may not be your choice.

3: Dealing with Frequently Screenshot on iPhone Lock Screen

If you are like many iPhone X users, you often take screenshots of unintentional devices, both when you hold your iPhone X, insert and remove it from your pocket or bag, or just use the device. The reason you took an accidental screenshot is because Apple changed the iPhone X screen shot mechanism (again) in such a way that it makes it very simple to accidentally take screenshots just by holding the iPhone or handling it.There is no easy way to complete accidental screenshots found by many iPhone X users. In addition to trying to train yourself to hold your iPhone differently, the next best solution is to simply visit the “Screenshot” album and delete screenshots that you accidentally captured. :Open the “Photos” application on iPhone then open ‘Album’Select the “Screenshot” album, then tap the “Select” button and manually tap on every accidental screenshot you take (if they all accidentally use this gesture trick to easily select multiple photos at once on the iPhone)Tap the Trash icon, then tap to confirm “Delete Photos” to delete accidental screenshotsUnfortunately, you have to repeat this process occasionally, because there isn’t much you can do at this time other than trying to hold the iPhone X in a different way.It should be noted that iOS 12 introduces small software changes that can fix accidental screen capture problems at the lock screen at least, so that it can help some users to reduce accidental screen capture problems.

4: No Touch ID or Home ButtonThe lack of a Home button can interfere with iPhone X users, whether it’s because they like the touch of the Home button to press, or maybe because they like Touch ID. Some may even prefer Touch ID via Face ID.Even though you can use Assistive Touch to create a digital Home button on the iPhone X, it’s more a solution then a solution. You should be familiar with swipe-up movements that return to the Main Screen.If your frustration with not having a Touch ID or Home button is about not wanting to use Face FACE ID, or not liking Face ID, then realize that you can use iPhone X without Face FACE ID, you will end up swiping to open the screen password entries, like old swipe-to-unlock movements.

5: Notch ScreenThe position screen is a protruding black section at the top of the iPhone X screen that houses the front speakers, front camera, Face ID sensor and lighting detector. Most iPhone X users don’t care about The Notch at the top of the screen, or if they get Over The Notch fast enough and forget that it even exists, but some continue to be distracted by it.If you are obsessed with The Notch then your only choice is to overcome it and realize that it is a silly thing to care for the wallpaper that hides The Notch by trying to blend it into the wallpaper color. Usually anything with a black section at the top, or a very dark top is perfect for covering the screen.Of course not only the iPhone X has a screen position though, and many Android phones also include notches too, including the Motorola P30 and Xiaomi Mi8, so if you are bothered by that on one device, be prepared to get upset. with that on many other cellphones too. And most of the rumors point to the next generation iPhone model because it has a screen position too, so.

6: Lack of 3.5mm Audio PortApple may have first removed the 3.5mm audio jack from the iPhone 7 series, but it is frustrating to lose the most audio interface that has ever been in history for many users with the iPhone X, and it might bring the future because it is very unlikely that Apple will never make a new iPhone with the headphone jack again.If the lack of a 3.5mm audio port and headphone jack bothers you, the only real solution is to buy an adapter dongle (or several) and carry it with you, or buy some and leave it where you might need it; in your car, in your home and office, in a laptop bag, etc.Most likely the problems mentioned above will relate to future iPhone models too, because rumors and leaks indicate that future generations of iPhone models will look like iPhone X variations. But that is just a rumor, and anything can happen or change.Do the tips above alleviate your frustration with the iPhone X? Do you have other problems with the iPhone X that you think are annoying or impractical? Share your own thoughts and thoughts in the comments below!